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Former AFL premiership captain Ben Cousins has been hospitalised after another incident highlighted by erratic behaviour. 

Cousins was taken into custody by police on Sunday night, when he was spotted attempting to direct traffic on Perth’s Canning Bridge. Speaking to Yahoo News, one witness said “a red motorbike stopped and he ripped him off. He [the motorcyclist] jumped back on his bike and took off.

“He [Cousins] was trying to hitchhike. The bike went down and he ran into the bushes here. He was fried.” Another added “I started shitting myself because I thought it was a crazy person.”

A group of window washers told the media Cousins was with them for hours, speaking incoherently and carrying his possessions with him in an orange bucket.

Window washer Craig Stevens told Perth Now “we could not understand him so we were like, ‘We can’t understand you, mate ... you’re causing us bad business.”

“He was really lost, confused, making no sense at all. Seven or eight cop cars turned up left, right and centre. They even had the helicopter above us.”

Another witness told Seven News the former Brownlow Medallist “looked like a bit of a mess. His jeans were riding really low and he was running and sweating heaps.”

When police arrived, Cousins attempted to flee on foot, before being caught and escorted to a nearby hospital.

The incident comes only weeks after The Footy Show documented Cousins’ role in the West Coast Eagles drug culture, in which AFL identities shared anecdotes about the bizarre behaviour of Cousins and selected other players from the team’s premiership run.