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Call it a choke. Call it a comeback. Call it the inevitable product of an otherworldly shooting display by Klay Thompson. However you want to describe Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, Golden State beat the Thunder to avoid elimination and force tonight's NBA wet dream of a Game 7.

While Stephen Curry and the aforementioned Klay Thompson's Saturday night performances earned them praise, OKC's duo of superstars had a fair amount of shit piled on them for their perceived failure to close out the series.

One of those piling some shit was former 14-year NBA vet Stephen Jackson, who did some pro-bono analytical work from home while armed with nothing more than a DVR and an Instagram account.

Jackson called out Durant's lack of hustle in getting back on defense after a turnover in the fourth quarter. The result? Well, pretty much the same result that happens any time you leave Stephen Curry alone.

Watch what he had to say below:

The sports world could use more guys at the desk who call it like they see it instead of sounding like PR flacks. It's nice to see a guy who loves something so much he'll do it for free from home—especially when he shows he won't play favorites, as you might remember a simpler time when Jackson and Durant teamed up on the mic.

Tonight KD gets one more chance to advance. Keep your eyes on him to see if he's still "half-assing" it.