Not every dominant athlete dominates the headlines. Some are fundamentally sound without being flashy. Some give boring soundbites. Others just don’t get covered because they play for bad teams. 

Tim Duncan fits the criteria. In today’s short-attention-spanned social media age, no Vine of the Big Fundamental sinking another bank shot is going to break the Internet. And while every basketball fan knows that Duncan—who may or not be hanging up his kicks after 19 of the most impressive seasons in NBA history—will go down as one of the best ever, has his greatness truly been appreciated by us all? 

Look at the stats of some of the most popular players from the last 20 years and you’d be shocked how much some of them have flown under the radar. In honor of Duncan and all he's accomplished, this is the list of the “I didn’t realize he was that good” players from the past 20 years—The 9 Most Overshadowed Players.