If Jose Bautista ever finds himself in another conflict with Rougned Odor or anyone else, the Toronto Raptors' DeMarre Carroll wants him to know that he's got his back. During Sunday's Blue Jays-Rangers game, Odor caught Bautista with a solid punch to the face, sparking a huge brawl with both teams. 

The fight was the result of a ton of pent-up animosity from Bautista's epic bat flip last postseason after hitting a three-run home run to help to eliminate the. While Texas manager Jeff Banister was adamant after yesterday's game that beaning the Blue Jays outfielder was purely accidental, it's striking that the Rangers hit him in his last at-bat against the team this season. Bautista retaliated by sliding hard into second base, a move that clearly upset Odor. 

Following the Raptors' 116-89 victory over the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals, TSN's Cabral "Cabbie" Richards caught up with Carroll to see if he would be able to offer any help to Bautista. "If he needs my help, my assistance, to come in and be a force, the 'Junkyard Dog,'" he said, while rocking a "6" cap on his head. "So I'm just telling you, Bautista, call me."  

If you're wondering how important it is for Bautista to have the Junkyard Dog in his corner, just take a look at this tweet he sent out three years ago. 

Enough said. 

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