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Last night Stephen Curry and co. beat Vince Carter and the Grizzlies in a match-up that's been going on between the two since Curry was doing pre-algebra and...whatever the hell else one does when in middle school. During a pause in the action ESPN showed a clip of Carter reflecting on a series of one-on-one contests that took place before Raptors games as he was teaming up with Stephen's dad, Dell, when the '90s turned into the 2000s. 

In case you're wondering what the outcomes of those games were, Curry recently told Bleacher Report that he lost them all, saying "He’d never let me win any of those one-on-one games," which would make perfect sense since Carter was an All-Star, Rookie of the Year, and dunk champion, while Curry was maybe starting to sprout some pit hair.

Nevertheless getting smoked by Vinsanity may've been humbling in the moment, but going up against such stiff competition likely explains how the future MVP was able to light up rival adolescents for 63. And also go onto some marginally bigger things after junior high

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