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The Warriors are just a couple games away from having the best regular season record in NBA history. As they start their second championship run later this month when the playoffs begin, Steph Curry wants to do it in style and give us a few gems to make the final cut of those Best Alley-Oops of the Season highlight reels.

Well, you can consider this one in the clip above, which happened tonight against the Grizzlies in the first quarter. Steph launched this pass in the air like he was passing to the jumbotron. Warriors center Festus Ezeli caught it for a sick alley-oop finish.

Here's another sick Curry-to-Ezeli alley-oop just one possession later:


And Grizzlies know there's nothing they can do about it when Steph throws up the ball like a standstill hookshot.

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[Via 247 Sports]