You could argue that the Knicks are slightly better now than they were when Phil Jackson first agreed to become the franchise’s team president in 2014, but you could also argue that his first two years on the job have been a huge disappointment. The Knicks missed the playoffs—again—this season, and there’s not a whole lot of hope heading into next season, since there probably won’t be a lot of change for the team this summer. But during his exit interview this afternoon, Jackson emphasized that he doesn’t plan on changing his approach to building the team. He’s going to continue to build slowly—and he’s going to stick with his triangle offense:

While speaking with the media, Jackson also took a shot at all of those people who are saying that he should go away from the triangle:

And he made it a point to say that Derek Fisher tried to get Jackson to shy away from mentioning the triangle during meetings with free agents, which is probably part of the reason why he's, well, you know, not with the team anymore:

Which made this moment all the more awkward during the press conference:

Ha. We don’t know what tricks Jackson has up his sleeves for this summer, but let’s hope it’s not more of the same. Carmelo Anthony can’t take another year of this…

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[via New York Daily News]