Count Houston amongst the ever-growing list of teams lining up to secure Kevin Durant's services when he hits free agency in a few months. And though that alone doesn't really make them unique, as nearly every freaking squad will be courting him, they'll look to get a leg up by having his old teammate, James Hardenrecruit him in an effort to get him to move 450 miles south to Space City.

According to ESPN, in addition to teaming up with Harden, the Rockets will also pitch him on not having to pay a state income tax, as well as being in a larger market which will increase his exposure (something his Sonic, Gatorade, Sprint and 10-year/$300 million Nike campaign suggest he has no trouble with). 

Durant will be Houston's big fish target this offseason, as they'll almost certainly tell Dwight Howard and the $30 million per year he's likely to command to 'f' off (but in a nicer way, probably). 

Also, presumably, at some point Houston will try to convince Durant that their franchise gives him a chance to win his first ring. That likely drawfs everything else. We hate to draw it out, but you're going to have to wait until summer to see if Harden can indeed pull it off.

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