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If the NBA playoffs began today, the Bulls (39-40) would finish the season as ninth place in the Eastern Conference standings. But there is still some light towards the end of the tunnel for them to remain playoff eligible. They just have to snap their two-game losing streak and beat the Cavs tonight, plus the Nets need to defeat the Pacers to become the East's eighth seed.

So with their biggest game of the season to say in the playoff hunt, it's somewhat of a tall order beating Cleveland— the Eastern Conference's No. 1 playoff seed— and the Pacers being ousted by the lowly Nets. But hey, there's still a chance.

Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg decided to take this "slim chance" scenario to the extreme, and reportedly used the '90s slapstick comedy classic Dumb and Dumber in a team film session as a source of motivation. Hoiberg spliced the scene between Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly when she rejected him and told him the chances of them being together would be a very low percentage. Nevertheless, there was still a mathematical chance for him to rejoice for.


It's hard to imagine if this odd sense of humor by Hoiberg sat well with the struggling Bulls. All jokes aside, this may be the reason why the team's best player Jimmy Butler stated to the media earlier this season that the team really doesn't take Hoiberg seriously enough due to his laid-back coaching style. Let's hope that this motivation tactic works. If not, it's quite transparent enough that it wouldn't take a dumb person to see why the Bulls are burning out towards the end of the regular season.

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