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Speculation about who will coach the Knicks has been everywhere – the Knicks are one of the NBA’s premier-market teams, after all, and despite the state of the franchise, their head-coaching gig remains one of the most attractive in basketball.

Patrick Ewing has expressed his desire to be considered. David Blatt’s name has been mentioned. Add Tom Thibodeau’s name to the list, and with good reason: reports indicate the Knicks’ franchise player, Carmelo Anthony, wants Thibs to get the job.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reported: “A source close to Anthony insists that his preferred choice is Tom Thibodeau.” The report continues to say Knicks president Phil Jackson has no interest in Thibodeau (the two have clashing basketball philosophies), so Melo might end up disappointed.

Thibodeau, who was fired by Chicago last May, has reportedly always wanted the Knicks' head-coaching job.

Thibodeau is a proven winner, and Carmelo, who’s going on 32, is watching his superstar window close. He’s also watched as his close friends LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have won championships. Though Carmelo has chosen more money over joining a more competitive team multiple times in the past, there is no doubt he wants a ring of his own at this point of his career.

Don’t forget Carmelo seriously flirted with the idea of signing with Thibodeau’s Bulls in the summer of 2014 before re-signing with the Knicks. Anthony reportedly loved the Bulls’ business-like attitude and approach to winning basketball games.

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