After being diagnosed with cancer last year, Mesa, Ariz. native Andy Moss wanted to make one thing happen before it was too late. Moss wanted to take his son David to Fenway Park so he can see his team Boston Red Sox and meet his player David Ortiz. This past September, Andy passed away. For his eighth birthday, David finally went to Fenway on Friday to see the Red Sox take on the New York Yankees

Prior to last night's game, David attended Red Sox batting practice and finally met Ortiz. Big Papi passed along the news to Alex Rodriguez who greeted him before his first at-bat of the game. Before Rodriguez stepped into the batter's box, the kid made a bold request. "I asked if I could have his bat," he said. "He said, 'If I hit a home run you can have my bat!'" On the second pitch thrown by Henry Owens, A-Rod launched one over the Green Monster and as he made his way back to the dugout, the three-time American League MVP made sure to fulfill his promise to David. 

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