In addition to being fined a million dollars, a 2017 fourth-rounder, and having countless hours of their lives wasted on stupid crap, the New England Patriots were also stripped of their first-round pick for this year's draft due to their perceived shenanigans over deflating footballs.

With said draft coming up relatively shortly, Pats owner Robert Kraft fired off a letter to Roger Goodell asking for that draft pick (which, if it existed, would be 29th overall) back while also asking for the aforementioned 2017 one. The message was written to the commish more than a month ago, but wasn't revealed publicly until Kraft spoke to reporters about it at the Owners meeting today. One member of the media asked if Goodell responded, which Kraft didn't answer. Meaning he was likely either told "no" or to go 'f' himself.  

Kraft's reasoning behind the letter was based upon comments Goodell made that he could revise his penalties based upon new information.

In a move you may've missed once your brain started sifting out Deflategate updates, Kraft had previously said he wouldn't dispute the penalties imposed upon his franchise, so as not to hinder Tom Brady as he fought his own (eventually overturned) four-game suspension.

Whether or not Kraft's decision to accept the original punishment altered his quarterback's outcome is unclear, especially when you consider that the NFL is still playing this out and is trying to get the overturning of Brady's suspension...overturned.

Stay tuned, you know, if you want.

[via Pro Football Talk]

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