Are you still stressing out over your 2016 NCAA Tournament bracket? You’re not alone. Right now, there are millions of other people out there racking their brains and trying to decide whether or not Wichita State can upset Arizona in the first round of the tournament. And apparently, one of those people is none other than Jay Z.

ESPN analyst/former college basketball star Jay Williams was on Mike & Mike in the Morning today, and he revealed that, earlier this week, his friend Michael Kyser—the president of Atlantic Records—called him and told him that he needed to see Williams’ bracket right away. And when Williams told him he didn’t have access to it at that moment, Kyser told him to hold on and put Jay Z on the phone. It seems Kyser and Jay Z take part in a $500,000 NCAA Tournament office pool—and they both needed Williams to help them with some picks.

“Wait a minute,” Williams said. “I’m about to talk to Jay Z about the bracket? Next thing I know, I am on a 3-way call for a 30-minute long conversation with Jay Z and Mike Kyser about the bracket, and they are asking me about Wichita State. Are you kidding me?!”

You can watch Williams tell the story here:

Mike Golic is right. If Jay Z or Kyser wins, shouldn’t Williams get a cut of the profits?

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[via Business Insider]