What a pleasant surprise to find an S.O.S. in the middle of the ocean during a vacation cruise.

The Legend of Pittsburgh Cruise set sail earlier this week to embark on a voyage off the coast of Miami with multiple Pittsburgh sport icons, including current and retired Steelers players Antonio Brown, James Harrison, and Antwaan Randle El, and music legends who were reared in the city. The Gulf of Mexico cruise dates range from February 25th through the 29th to reach two destinations in Key West, Florida and Cozumel, Mexico before returning to Miami.

But on Saturday morning, the cruise was halted as it mysteriously found a small ship with 16 people stranded at sea. Harrison posted two pics on his Instagram account that looked shots from the opening credits to Scarface.



16ppl, wild!!!

A photo posted by James Harrison (@jhharrison92) on Feb 27, 2016 at 5:27am PST


The cruise ship's captain used their moral compass to divert the boat and save the lost people until the U.S. Coast Guard came along to tend to them. There has been no report at press time for who exactly was saved from the lost boat (and no, DJ Khaled was not on it because he already learned that lesson once).

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