We’ve seen plenty of horrific sports-related injuries over the years. But the one shown in the video above is definitely one of the worst ones we’ve ever seen, even though you can’t actually see the injury take place in the clip. Just thinking about what happened hurts like hell.

A 14-year-old girl from Wisconsin Heights, Wis. was taking part in a high school basketball game recently when she fell to the floor. She attempted to get up, but she couldn’t move. And upon further review, she realized that she was stuck because she had been impaled by a piece of a floorboard and that she had a big splinter stuck inside of her. It was about four inches long, and the gym had to be cleared out while emergency crews worked to free her.

Fortunately, the girl is going to be OK, as the splinter missed all of her internal organs. But she did have to spend a night in the hospital. You can check out a news clip about the injury above, if you can stomach it.

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