Broncos practice squad safety Ryan Murphy picked a bad week to hang around somebody trying to pay to get laid as he'll now be sent back to Denver after getting caught up in a sting this afternoon. San Jose cops were fixed on a local neighborhood known for prostitution, and approached and apprehended a suspected prostitute who had claimed she was heading to her car to pick up some personal property. Inside were both Murphy and his brother. The Broncos rookie was questioned, and then allowed to go. But his brother, who wasn't as lucky, was cited along with said prostitute. 

Afterward coach Gary Kubiak stated “We decided it was best if we continued our preparation for Super Bowl 50 without him." And thus Murphy missed out on the opportunity to play sit on the sideline in street clothes for the biggest game of his career. Kubiak did add that Murphy's spot on the practice squad is so far unchanged. But we're going to go ahead and guess that arranging the personnel on the scout team isn't his top priority this week. 

All of this comes after reports that Eugene Robinson, who also played safety and also had a prostitution-related problem during a Super Bowl week, gave a talk to the Carolina Panthers about "the worst night of [his] life." 

SMH, seems like he might've been talking to the wrong team. 

[via CBS News]

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