Free agent outfielder Delmon Young is not off to a very good start this week. However compared to last week, when he allegedly choked a valet, called him racial slurs, and answered the door for the arresting officers without wearing pants, or undies, or anything below his waist, it's not so bad. Still, he had some drama in his life and it played out from his Facebook page for all to see and laugh at.

Last night, after what must've been a lonely Valentine's Day, a woman claiming to be Young's ex-girlfriend Yuli Alfonso hopped on Young's Facebook account to write messages while pretending to be him. Her grievance seemed to be with Delmon taking out another woman as a date:

She then began calling out a woman named Tiffany Huiting, who is Young's current girlfriend...or something? It's unclear. Though it appears she's the one being called a "prostitute" in the first message. Either way they got into a public argument over who's the girlfriend and who's the side-chick:

After that brief exchange, Alfonso hacked into Young's email, because apparently Delmon's as good at switching up his passwords as he was at hitting Major League pitching last season:

After that, clearly in a rational state of mind, she switched the profile pic to one of the two of them together, posted a few pics, and also uploaded a video where the former 2003 first overall draft choice tells her he loves her:

Then she finished it all off by reportedly writing this:

“so delmon, obviously you’re awake and emailing every whore back , do me a favor and and come back and pick this money p. i don’t need you’re money !i need loyalty and respect, judging by these prostitutes , you need to sober up and call me. its funny how a man will call you crazy , but leave out the fact that he cheated on you , got on his knees for forgiveness , and promised he’d never do it again”

Anyway there's a lesson to be learned here and that's to change your passwords/log-out/whatever. Also, probably not to cheat on your girlfriend.

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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