All Cole Hamels wanted to do was go see the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and live the good life last year.

But after missing out on the world renowned lingerie extravaganza, Hamels is suing the promoter who allegedly promised him tickets to the show, access to exclusive after parties, luxury accommodations, and meals at some of New York's premiere restaurants over a four-day period. All for the astronomical sum of $70,000.

According to the AP, Hamels has filed suit against London-based promoter Cornucopia Events for failing to deliver the services it promised leading up to and after the Nov. 10 show.

The suit says the money was to cover a four-night stay in a luxury hotel, a limousine with champagne, access to exclusive restaurants and goodie bags. The suit alleges Hamels and his party got none of the perks and were denied entry to the event.

Hamels is seeking $150,000 in damages for fraud and misrepresentation.

Since Complex got exclusive backstage access before the show, here's a taste of what Hamels missed.

The lefthander, who attempted to catch the show with his wife and another guest, says in the lawsuit he was denied access when he arrived for the show—despite Cornucopia's promises—but still made it to one of the after parties. So I guess it wasn't a total loss. 

But let's be real: The idea that Hamels had to spend $70,000 to have a good time over four days in New York City is laughably preposterous. There are a million things to do in New York and thousands of amazing restaurants and hundreds of awesome places to party until 4, 5, even 6 am—if you really want to—all for a hell of a lot cheaper than the price of a Maserati. 

Yeah, Hamels is making $23.5 million this season with the Rangers so he can afford to be flippant with his money. But come on, man. Whoever signed up for that package was just asking to get fleeced. 

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