Luke Walton Impressed Gregg Popovich During His Short Time as the Warriors’ Head Coach

In a better world, Luke Walton would be able to retire today as the most winningest head coach in NBA history. But because of a stupid NBA rule, all of Walton's wins instead go to Steve Kerr, who coached his first game of the season last Friday after recovering from back surgery.

Walton may have a head coach position open for him in the future because people saw him coach the Warriors to the best start in NBA history. If that's not convincing enough, Walton can at least list Gregg Popovich as a reference on his resume. The Spurs head coach talked about what he thought about him.

“What was most impressive about him was his demeanor,” Popovich said, according to San Antonio Express-News. “Who knows what he felt inside, but he never showed frustration or fear or excitement that would hurt the team. He was very measured in everything he did. For a young guy, the first time, I thought he was fantastic.”

They're high compliments coming from the perpetually unimpressed Popovich. They also come before the Spurs face the Warriors on Monday. Even though the Warriors' season has reached historic levels, San Antonio is just two games behind them in the West.

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