The only thing worse than losing your best player over a mysterious altercation is losing credit card roulette when dining out with the squad. 

The Clippers were in Indianapolis last night, resting up before their game against the Pacers Tuesday, when a number of them, including DeAndre Jordan, dined out. And when it came time to pay for the meal, the players had the waiter randomly choose one card and Lance Stephenson appears to have been the big loser. 

The former Pacer documented the whole thing on his Snapchat while his teammates busted his chops for getting stuck with the bill that, according to The Big Lead, cost "10 racks" or roughly $10,000. 

"I'm so pissed right now I have to pay for this," Stephenson said. "Doing like 10 racks, man." 

Stephenson, who is in the second year of a three-year, $27 million deal he originally signed with the Hornets, can afford the occasional splurge.

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