Remember the story of how Iman Shumpert delivered his baby daughter in the bathroom of his home? Sure you do. There was audio of the 911 call and everything.

While the rest of us may have moved on, it's obviously a little different for Shumpert himself. An event like this could be life-changing for the individual involved, and it's clear that Shumpert is proud of what he did when he was needed the most.

But he's picked a bit of an odd way to show it.


.We've graduated...from brotherhood to fatherhood. "Meet the Parents" Hoodies/tees link in my bio

A photo posted by Iman Shumpert (@imanshumpert) on Jan 20, 2016 at 8:47pm PST

Shumpert has launched a line of merchandise called "Meet the Parents" commemorating the birth of his daughter, or more specifically, one particular aspect of the story. He supposedly used a pair of red headphones to tie the umbilical cord, and so the design that appears on things like t-shirts and coffee mugs showcases that quite nicely.

Hey, good for Shumpert for coming through in the clutch and for being so into his family. But we can't imagine a single person not related to him actually purchasing one of these items.

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