On Friday, Goran Dragic will play against his former team, the Suns, in Phoenix for the first time since demanding a trade from the franchise because he didn't "trust them anymore." Dragic didn't depart the organization on good terms, but he's in Miami now and all of this happened nearly one year ago. So, maybe time has healed all wounds for the 29-year-old point guard? Nope. 

In an interview with Yahoo Sports' Michael Lee, Dragic ripped the Suns organization, saying "they’re always changing something" and "they’re not like Miami, San Antonio, those teams that are really loyal when they find something.” And the hits just kept on coming. 

“It feels like they’re always changing something,” Dragic told Yahoo Sports. “They’re not like Miami, San Antonio, those teams that are really loyal when they find something.”

“Me and Bledsoe, we built really great chemistry together, we played well and the whole team did. Everybody expected that we’re going to get some big guys that we thought we needed, but they did another move, they bring in a point guard and it was tough,” Dragic told Yahoo. “I was a little bit frustrated. It was tough, especially for me, because I was playing off the ball all the time, and I was guarding [small forwards]. That was tough for me, but they did what they did.”

“I always believe when you find some pieces that you leave those pieces [alone]. But then you upgrade the other positions. Like San Antonio is doing. They always have the Big Three, but then it’s a good team. They always find another player at another position, so they’re always good. But that’s not my call,” Dragic told Yahoo, with an uncomfortable chuckle. “I was just there to play basketball. I tried to do my job.”

Dragic added that he wishes the Suns the best, but he is still clearly bitter over his last tenure with the organization and will probably take out that pent up frustration on Friday. It should be fun to watch. 

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