What if the NBA decided that the Warriors were too good to be a part of the league? Or the NFL decided that the Panthers were playing too well to take part in the playoffs? Or MLB decided it wouldn’t be good for business if the Royals came back next season to defend their World Series title? It would be…dumb. And obviously, it would never happen.

But the Rogers Area Youth Basketball Association girls basketball team was just told that they will no longer be able to take part in the Northwest Suburban Basketball League in Minnesota because they are too talented. It doesn’t sound like it’s because any of the girls are above the age limit set for the league or anything like that. Rather, it’s simply because the Rogers Area team, which is 3-0, is dominating other teams.

Unfortunately, the clip above doesn’t feature any footage of the team playing, so there’s no way of knowing just how good they are. But unless they’ve got players from the WNBA's Lynx suiting up for them and playing with fake birth certificates, it’s ridiculous that they’re not being allowed to play.

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[via Fox Sports]