When we last saw Robert Griffin III, he was cleaning out his Redskins locker and leaving us with a poem penned by Mother Teresa. It's all but certain that Washington will release him, which will make him free to play somewhere else next season. 

Things are a bit more complicated where Johnny Manziel is concerned. He's unlikely to be back in Cleveland after a series of alcohol-related off the field incidents, one of which involved him showing up "disheveled and inebriated"to his final Browns practice. And it doesn't seem as though he'll be slowing down in this area anytime soon.

But despite the very different types of troubles these players have been through in their respective careers, they're both likely to land on NFL rosters next season. And Troy Aikman named the Dallas Cowboys specifically as a team that will grab one of them to strengthen their backup quarterback position. 

“I believe, as I sit here today, either Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III will be in Dallas as a backup,” Aikman told SI.com

Jerry Jones likes to make splashy free agent signings, and the team has a dreadful 1-13 record when Tony Romo has been out of the lineup due to injury. It's unclear whether either Griffin or Manziel will end up turning things around, but it seems as though they'll both get at least one more shot. 

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