As everything begins to unravel with the Cleveland Browns following their season finale, a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers that ended with both General Manager Ray Farmer and head coach Mike Pettine getting fired, the skeletons have started coming out of the closet. Specifically, the skeletons of one Johnny Manziel.

Reports from USA Today surfaced this morning that Manziel, who is in the NFL's concussion protocol, traveled to Las Vegas on Saturday and was spotted gambling and partying the night away. Peter King then reported on Sunday Night Football that Manziel did not show up to the Browns facility on Sunday morning, which is required of all players, injured or not, and that the Browns were unable to reach him all day.

JFF1: Reported this on @SNFonNBC re Manziel: Browns require players in concussion protocol to be seen by team medic at 9 am on Sunday …

— Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) January 4, 2016

JFF2: … even if they’re not playing. Manziel didn’t show up Sunday. Browns couldn’t reach him on phone. At this point I can tell you …

— Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) January 4, 2016

JFF3: … Browns are so done with the guy. I will be stunned if he ever plays another snap for Cleveland. He wants to go to Dallas.

— Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) January 4, 2016

Then there's this, relayed from ESPN Cleveland's Bruce Hooley, on what beat reporter Tony Grossi told him at some point today.

@TonyGrossi says Manziel showed up at facility this week, "Disheveled and inebriated." There's your title for season highlight video!!!

— Bruce Hooley (@BHOOLZ) January 3, 2016

Mike Pettine denied this happened in his postgame press conference, but with everything that's happened to Manziel in his two short years in the NFL, the report from Grossi sadly has merit. And for someone who has battled alcohol problems, and possibly went to rehab this offseason to deal with said issues, that Manziel would show up to his place of work intoxicated is incredibly disturbing. We don't know what will come next, but just like the head coach and GM before him, it's hard to believe Manziel will be back in Cleveland next year. Who knows if he'll be back anywhere in the NFL.

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