It’s no shocker that New York City has boasted hundreds of players who’ve made an impact on the NBA. In fact, it’d be shocking if it hadn’t. When you’ve got 8.5 million people never sleeping in a city with a legendary hoops scene, you’re bound to pump out an abundance of top talent. Sifting the nation’s most gargantuan metropolis down to 10 players was no easy feat, but it should serve to show how elite you have to be to make the cut (in fact, everybody on here is a Hall of Famer).

The standards for this list are simple: The players had to be born and raised in NYC to be eligible. That means ballers like Carmelo Anthony and Michael Jordan (both from Brooklyn) are out since they left as children. You may consider Jordan the GOAT, but he probably wasn’t at that level as a toddler when his family relocated to North Carolina. As such, he’s axed. We’re sure he’s devastated. Oh, also no Long Islanders. Here are the 10 Greatest Basketball Players From New York City.