Dwyane Wade knows a thing or two about great basketball players. He has played alongside guys like Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James and, if you haven’t noticed, he’s a pretty good player himself. So with the Heat and Lakers scheduled to play tonight, D-Wade was asked about where he feels Kobe fits in amongst the all-time greats. And he didn’t shy away from heaping a ton of praise on the Black Mamba.

“I do feel—and I’ve said this before the last couple of years with LeBron, when he became the best player in our game—that Kobe Bryant is the greatest player of our era,” he said. “The Kobe Bryants aren’t around no more. There are good young players, but there will never be another Kobe. So every opportunity you get to [face him], you want to seize that moment.”

Wade didn’t define the exact “era” he was talking about, so it’s kind of hard to argue with what he said. But would you put Kobe above guys like Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]