It's been a mediocre year for University of Miami football team. And it didn't help matters when they lost to their bitter interstate rival Florida State, after they posed as bullies to the Seminole's top kicker at the start of that game on October 10th.

Going into today's game versus Clemson, the 'Canes were 4-2. Things went from mediocre to worse than imaginable today as they were getting smoked 28-0 by halftime. And Miami fans in the stands at the game were even so pissed that they started scrapping with each other.

 The final score of the game was a whopping 58-0 (yes, 5-8 to zero!), and this was a topic of discussion amongst notable alumni like NFL greats Warren Sapp and Leon Searcy. Here's their two cents on the job that The U's head coach Al Golden is doing.

But-but-but-but WAIT, IT GETS WORSE!

SLAMMED! And if you're a Miami fan, this victory dance by Clemson's football squad to Drake's "Hotline Bling" will make you even madder because you and the 'Cane faithful just got Meek'ed real HARD!

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