As we take a deep breath and enter FIFA Ballon d'Or season, the world is getting ready to debate the world's most worn-out football question: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Following a year that saw Barcelona land La Liga and the Champions League, there's very little question that 2015 is going to be Lionel Messi's year yet again and in an interview with Guillem Balague, the diminutive Argentinian has done his best to play down tension between him and CR7:

GB: Has it helped you having Cristiano Ronaldo around in the same era as yourself?
LM: These are things that people say. I don’t compete with Cristiano and I suppose he would not compete with me. What I want is the very best for my teams and that’s what I am working for.

Now some people could interpret this as Messi taking shots at Ronaldo but we're pretty sure Messi is fed up of this question and wanted to give a blunt response, without being impolite.

Messi also rallied against media reports on his diet.

Following Barca's triumph in the Champions League last season partly thanks to Lionel Messi's sparkling form with 58 goals in all competitions, a nutritionist was quoted as saying he was responsible for Messi's upturn.

The nutritionist claimed that before he was on the scene, Messi was "eating too many pizzas". Again, this is something Messi was quick to put to bed:

"This is something else about which there has been many false things said. My diet prohibits me from eating certain things that were doing me harm but that doesn’t mean that I’ve changed my whole diet or my physical training. There were some changes or replacements that worked well and I enjoy a full diet and nothing out of the ordinary."

Lionel Messi ain't playing.

[via Eurosport]