Lionel Messi won't miss any action as a result of his impending trial for tax fraud.

There have been concerns that Barcelona's biggest star could miss crucial La Liga and Champions League games should the date of the fixtures clash with Messi's court appearances but according to a government lawyer, that won't be the case.

Speaking to MARCA, Marcos Mas said the courts would take Messi's career under consideration:

"In the event of such a clash, the hearing could be postponed if a valid reason were substantiated."

He also said that there's lots to happen before Messi sits in the dock, believing that a settlement will eventually be reached before the date of the trial:

"The best thing for the tax authorities would be to secure the unpaid amount plus a fine for the public coffers. It is obviously in the player's best interests to avoid the ordeal of a trial conducted under an intense media spotlight."

Real Madrid fans can stop celebrating now.

[via MARCA]