How badly do you think Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant wanted the summer to end? Durant's foot injury robbed the NBA of its best duo, cost the Thunder a playoff spot, and forced Westbrook to carry the team—even with a dent in his face.

There is no longer a dent in Westbrook's face and Durant's foot is holding up. The Westbrook/Durant combo is back and the season of reckoning is upon us. Look at these Friday night stats:

Russell Westbrook: 48 points, 11 rebounds, eight assists
Kevin Durant: 43 points, 12 rebounds

The duo had to go off to take down the Magic in a double overtime thriller. After a crazy comeback in a 42-point fourth quarter, the Thunder came through with a 139-136 victory.  Granted, it really shouldn't take that much to beat the Magic, but for Westbrook/Durant, it's a reawakening.  

Also, there's this.

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