The official Twitter account of the Chicago Cubs is a delight, responding to almost any and all fan questions in usually hilarious ways. But tonight, with the Cubs down early in the second game of their NLCS series against the New York Mets, their social media squad was feeling a bit surly. 

When a fan tweeted the team asking for rookie sensation Kyle Schwarber's jersey, the Cubs asked the fan to DM them his info, a sign that they were actually going to send the adoring fan a nice gift. When the fan responded that he couldn't DM the team, as they don't follow his account, the Cubs sent the ether. 

Now, some people might call this interaction cruel, getting a young Cubbies fan all excited just to immediately shut him down, but if the team gave every person who tweeted at them asking for free memorabilia what they asked for, they'd be out of gear in an hour. Their response to another fan telling them to stop being mean pretty much sums that sentiment up. 

But, just in case you are feeling generous, Cubs, we're open to getting a free jersey anytime.

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[Via @Cubs]