Adam "Pacman" Jones was fined $35,000 for for slamming Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper's head into his own helmet on Sunday, but had little remorse for his actions.

Somewhat incredibly, Jones wasn't ejected from the game, and the fine isn't strong enough to really serve as a deterrent against doing things like this in the future -- which is perhaps at least part of the reason why Jones was so defiant when discussing the incident.

"I can't promise you guys in the heat of the moment that it won't happen again," Jones said, in an interview posted at

What Jones did -- taking a player's helmet off while said player was lying on the ground and then slamming his head into it -- could have caused serious damage. He didn't need to say anything about what took place, but since he did, the NFL should look at these remarks and consider additional punishment.

This is the NFL we're talking about, though, so I wouldn't hold out too much hope of a realistic amount of discipline being handed down in this case, or in any similar ones we may see occur as the season progresses. 

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[via Larry Brown Sports]