The Cincinnati Reds are one of the worst teams in baseball, and are currently 30.5 games out of first place in their division. It's been a long season to say the least, and things can seem even longer when it feels like the home plate umpire isn't giving you a fair shake.

That's what happened Wednesday against the Pirates, at least in the eyes of Joey Votto. After seeing questionable pitches get called for strikes over multiple at-bats, Votto was ejected in the eighth inning after motioning to the dugout to let his manager know he wasn't granted a time-out. 

It was the final straw in Votto's frustration-filled evening, and the one that caused him to finally snap. Votto went crazy on the umpire, may have made contact with him while doing so, and needed to be restrained from inflicting further (and potentially real) damage.

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