Here's some bummer news to likely start your day with. NBA Hall of Famer Moses Malone passed away in his sleep at the age of 60. He was in Norfolk, Va. where he was set to play in a golf tournament:

Malone played in the NBA from 1976 all the way until 1995. In that time he took home three MVPs (1979, 1982 and 1983), an NBA title with the 76ers (also in 1983, good year for him), and made a dozen straight All-Star games, including every single one of the 1980s (1978-89). When he retired he was third on the all-time NBA scoring list, though he's since been bumped to eighth. The "Chairman of the Boards" still stands at fifth on the list of all-time rebounds.

In 2001, Malone was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The cause of Malone's death is believed to be a heart attack:

[via @SportsCenter, @MarkBermanFox26]

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