Usain Bolt won another race at the World Championships in Beijing today. Less than a week after beating Justin Gatlin in the 100m race to take home gold, Bolt won fairly decisively against Gatlin and the field in the 200m race. But Bolt's dominance isn't what everyone is talking about right now.

Rather, they're talking about an injury that Bolt almost suffered following the race. After his win, he took a victory lap to wave to all of his fans in attendance. And as he did, a photographer who was riding a Segway next to him lost control and drove right into the back of Bolt's left leg. It looked VERY bad:

Here's a different angle:

And here's an Italian commentator yelling, "MAMMA MIA!" after Bolt goes down:

Fortunately, it seems as though Bolt is going to be OK. He spoke with Universal Sports right after the accident took place and said that he escaped with nothing more than a cut on his leg, which is great news. But we would imagine that he will get some actual medical attention soon, and we will keep you updated if we hear anything else. This could have put a serious damper on Bolt's hopes of winning more gold medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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[via For The Win]