Stephen Curry appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday, and among the topics of discussion was a recent round of golf he played against President Obama.

It was Curry and his father Dell against Ray Allen and the president, and things got so competitive that the Commander in Chief engaged in some trash talk to try throw his opponents off of their game.

"The president was talking trash," Curry said. "Oh my goodness. Basically, it would be like a four-foot putt, and in the friendly games, when we're not really playing for money or anything, usually it's a gimme, you pick it up. He'd be crickets. Just silent, looking at you ... put the pressure on, that kind of deal. ... He just tries to get in your head."

Curry also said that Obama made fun of Allen specifically at one point for bringing so many people to the event that he needed a bus to transport his posse.

Curry admitted to costing his team the win thanks to a triple-bogey on the 18th hole, although given the scene he described, Obama's trash talk was probably the least of his concerns.

"There were 25 secret service agents at every hole, so I couldn't relax at all," Curry said.

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