If you lived through the '80s to witness the Air Jordan ad campaigns, you'll recall film director/New York Knicks loyalist Spike Lee in his "Mars Blackmon" character pitching Jordan's ability to fly high via his kicks.

Now for the upcoming release of NBA 2K16 video game in September, Spike returns to his basketball pitchman ways by narrating in a two-minute video promo about New Orleans Pelicans All-Star forward/center Anthony Davis' rise to stardom. Davis will grace the cover of the game, as well as 2015 NBA MVP and world champion Stephen Curry, and James Harden.

This is a short clip of the Chicago-bred baller's humble beginnings as a limited skilled player, to blue chip high school All-American, eventual NCAA Champion at Kentucky, and finally exploding in the NBA as an MVP candidate with one of the highest player efficiency ratings in league history. Seeing this will make you want to get to the nearest basketball court to start running suicides. If you're not into working hard on your b-ball skills, seeing these crazy dunks from Davis in this clip will make you want to get the game when it comes out. Check it out here:


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[via ProBasketballTalk]