Over the weekend, former NFL wide receiver and current ESPN analyst Cris Carter was discovered to have given some troubling advice to the league's class of incoming rookies.

Carter instructed them to have a "fall guy" in place in case they were caught committing any crimes, someone who would take the blame and even go to jail for them if necessary, presumably in exchange for a large amount of cash.

This may seem like a realistic piece of knowledge to drop, but the message shouldn't be to cover up your mistakes, it should be to avoid them entirely. Carter caught plenty of heat for these remarks, including some from a former player who ended up in a fair bit of trouble himself.

Plaxico Burress played 12 NFL seasons, but is remembered more for spending almost two years in prison after shooting himself in the leg while at a New York City nightclub. And even he didn't think that what Carter had to say was anything close to appropriate advice.

He retweeted that last one twice, in order to keep it as 100 as possible.

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