Who's messing with Ohio State? Nobody, according to the Associated Press. Ohio State was voted No. 1 on the AP Top 25 poll. It's definitely worth noting that the Buckeyes are also a unanimous No. 1 with 61 votes, a first in the poll's history.

The two teams that came closest to getting unanimous votes in recent years are Alabama (2013) and Florida (2009) with 58 out of 60 votes each. Chris Davis and Auburn threw Alabama off that No. 1 spot, and Tim Tebow's religious fortitude couldn't save Florida from Alabama during the SEC Championships.

Urban Meyer's squad is followed by TCU, Alabama, Baylor, and Michigan State in the rankings. Do the Buckeyes deserve that unanimous vote? Autumn will come with answers, and winter will bring the decisive College Football Playoffs, in which there can only be one No. 1.

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