You know how people who drive the same kind of cars are sort of obligated to wave to one another when they cross paths on the street? Floyd Mayweather doesn't run into that very often. There aren't many people driving any of the whips in his fleet. And there definitely aren't many people driving the new $4.8 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita that he just bought. Reason being: There are only two of them in the world.

When Mayweather told us that there were only two of them—because of course, he just had to tell us that when he showed off the car on Instagram—we wondered who owned the other one. And now, just a few days after Mayweather presented his new ride to the world, we know who it is. Paris Hilton hopped on Mayweather's Instagram account earlier and revealed that her boyfriend Thomas Gross owns the other Trevita by leaving him this comment:

Gross appears to keep his Trevita overseas, so there's very little chance of Mayweather seeing him out and about in Las Vegas. But if he ever does, he better be ready to wave.

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[via Black Sports Online]