NBA All-Star imitations have been virally successful this summer. The style of play from Russell Westbrook, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and James Harden have each gotten hilarious impressions from the backyard comedy of social media star @BdotAdot5.

Now to round out a starting-five amongst these NBA All-Star imitations is LeBron James. And this time, it's Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton who got in on this social media hoopla (with every pun intended) for a King James impersonation.

Cam Newton and the Panthers played the Dolphins in a game back in 2013, and Cam racked up a lot of rushing yards for his squad. So in this play where Cam ran out of the pocket then into the end zone for a touchdown, he took the opportunity to salute the Cleveland Cavalier's best player by imitating LeBron's signature celebration. Check the clip here:

LeBron apparently just got wing of this imitation, and immediately tweeted his approval. Plus, LeBron exhibited his excitement for the NFL regular season kickoff next month:

After this, we can only wonder for another hilarious NBA All-Star imitation: "Who got next?"

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