When Russell Westbrook takes photos during media days, he typically looks like he does in the picture above. The Thunder point guard appears warm, friendly, and inviting in his player pictures.

But when Westbrook steps on the court, well, he's a completely different dude. He yells, he scowls, and he shows more passion than any other player currently in the NBA. Twitter user @BdotAdot5 used the two sides of Westbrook to create a video that perfectly encapsulates—and imitates—what he's like. It's hilarious and is pretty much a perfect recreation of Westbrook on the court vs. Westbrook on media day:

This isn't the first time @BdotAdot5 has nailed an impression, either. This clip of him acting like LeBron James is LOL-worthy, too:

Well done.


Apparently, Russell Westbrook loved this. Here's how he responded to it:

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[via @BdotAdot5]