Wrestling fans, it could potentially be a HOT summer.

The unsubstantiated rumor mill has professional wrestling legends The Undertaker and Sting set to appear at WWE's Summerslam PPV this August at the Barclays in Brooklyn, New York. That'll actually be a big deal for both wrestlers; over the last five years, The Undertaker has ONLY performed at Wrestlemania (allegedly netting a million dollar paycheck with each match), and Sting was thought to have essentially been retired after his only Wrestlemania match (which he lost to Triple H back in April).

What's more, Richard Gray of Wrestling News World is reporting that The Undertaker has allegedly booked travel to St. Louis, Mo. for this weekend. Why is that interesting? Because WWE's Battleground show takes place in St. Louis...which would mean that the Undertaker could actually be appearing at the very next pay-per-view for the WWE. He's also apparently set to appear on the Monday Night Raw after Battleground. The big question is what the f*ck will either of them be doing? 'Taker's potential storyline is easier to piece together: He's been mentioned by Paul Heyman regularly ever since Brock Lesnar​ shocked the world and became the first wrestler to beat Lesnar at Wrestlemania. He was even name-checked specifically as being "Kane's brother" this past Monday on Raw, which is the same show that ended with Lesnar injuring Kane's leg.

Sting might be a bit harder to pin down; he's not been on WWE TV since the night after WrestleMania in a quick promo where he left his future with the federation up in the air. He had beef with Triple H and The Authority on his way out, and that could be a VERY easy place to pick things back up.

"Why now?" you might ask. Summerslam is looked at as the WWE's second biggest show, after Wrestlemania. They've tried to bring in more celebrities and give it a bigger feel than their regular string of live events, and having both of these legends on board would be pretty damn major.

All of that said, until this information is confirmed (a.k.a. you see 'Taker or the Stinger walking down the aisle this Sunday/at Summerslam), do with it what you will.

[via Bleacher Report]