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Hey, hungry autograph seekers of the world: If you get the opportunity to ask MLB legend Reggie Jackson for his autograph and he gives it to you, do yourself a favor and do NOT try to get back in line in order to ask him for another one.

That's what one guy tried to do outside of a Cooperstown, N.Y. restaurant last night—and Jackson made him pay the price for it. The guy got an autograph from Jackson but, in an effort to get another one, he went and got back in line and tried to get Jackson to sign something else. That's when Jackson flipped out, called the guy a "cocksucker," and ended the impromptu signing session.

You can watch the video above to hear Jackson flip out. According to TMZ Sports, there's also another video that they've seen that features Jackson yelling at a security guard and saying, "You guys disperse the motherfuckers, tell them to get the fuck away from me! I need a fucking bodyguard to keep them the fuck away!"

We don't blame Jackson for getting upset with the fan who tried to double dip. But still...yikes.

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