We have a lot of favorite Michael Jordan trash-talking moments—and the one in the video above is definitely going to be added to our list immediately.

Earlier today, Reddit user WhenMachinesCry posted a link to the video that you see here—which was originally posted to YouTube back in 2010—and it features some pretty incredible, albeit illegal and, at times, weird footage from a Bulls/Cavaliers game back in late 1995. From shots of MJ hanging out in the locker room to shots of MJ toweling himself off on the bench to shots of MJ interacting with Phil Jackson, there is plenty to see.

But our favorite part comes at the 8:45 mark when a heckler yells, "Michael, I don't like your shoes! Go back to the old ones! You were better!" He's referring to the Air Jordan XI sneakers Jordan was wearing at the time, which would obviously go on to become one of the most popular Air Jordans of all time. And Jordan responded, well, exactly how you'd expect him to respond.

A few minutes later, MJ hit a difficult jump shot and, while he was running back down to the other end of the floor to play defense, he pointed at the heckler. Then, he started talking trash to him. And during a subsequent timeout, MJ continued to look over at the heckler and even did this to him at one point:

"Shhhhhhh!" is right. Want to know why you shouldn't heckle MJ or try to talk trash to him? Look no further than this clip. Only MJ could find motivation in the form of some random dude yelling about his sneakers.

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