Generally speaking, we don't agree with 99 percent of what Donald Trump says these days. We sincerely hope that even he goes home at night and is like, "WTF am I even talking about during these interviews and speeches?!"

But yesterday, the Presidential candidate put out a press release to address the fact that both NASCAR and ESPN have distanced themselves from Trump and his venues over the last week because of the recent comments he made about Mexicans. And you know what? It may very well be THE GREATEST PRESS RELEASE OF ALL TIME.

Press releases are usually filled with boring, meaningless drivel designed to make everyone feel better about a company or brand. But when Trump sat down to pen his press release, he basically said, "Fuck it," and decided to go in on those media outlets (this one included) that tried to smear his name in light of the NASCAR and ESPN news. If you told us 50 Cent or Diddy ghostwrote his press release for him, we wouldn't be the least bit surprised. Read it here:

The highlights:

"What were the losses?"

"I get two fees instead of one."

"Give me a break!"

AHHHHHHH. It pains us to say this, but…that is how you write a press release! Granted, the smug, arrogant attitude that Trump displayed here is what makes most people despise him. But still, we are crying real tears right now over just how much we love what he did with this.

OK, now back to thinking Trump is the worst...

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