During today's 14th stage of the Tour De France, current yellow jersey wearer Chris Froome was apparently doused in urine by an angry fan person who punctuated his attack by simultaneously screaming "Doper!" Froome's anger about the attack wasn't only reserved for the crazy person, but also extended to the cycling media whose (according to Froome) irresponsible "tone" led the man to question whether he was/is clean or not. In a sport that will (probably) never allow the leader to escape doubt again, Froome is just the latest cyclist to arouse the suspicions of a skeptical, piss-wielding public. Said Froome on the overall reaction to his current spot as the event's leader:

"I certainly don't blame the public for this, it's certainly a minority of people out there ruining it for everybody else. I would blame some of the reporting on the race, it's very irresponsible. Those individuals know who they are. It's not all media, a lot of the reporting has been fantastic, it's been about the race, as it should be. But with my victory a few days ago and the way the team is riding, there's been a lot of very irresponsible reporting. It's not riders bringing the sport into disrepute, it's individuals and they know who they are."

Also he refused to let the pee terrorists win by adding "I'm not going to give up the race because a few guys are shouting insults."

[via Bicycling.com]

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