Brandon Jennings isn't exactly a stranger to pissing people off on Twitter. Over the last few years, he's raised eyebrows by tweeting about everything from Chris Brown's dancing skills (you really think they're better than Michael Jackson's, man?!) to Kobe Bryant's superiority over LeBron James. But earlier tonight, he really got people going when he sent out a tweet about how hard it is to be rich.

"Life ain't hard when you broke," he wrote in the tweet, which he has since deleted. "It's hard when you start getting this money."

We get what Jennings was trying to say. Mo' money, mo' problems isn't exactly a new concept:

But the absolute last thing most NBA fans want to hear about is how difficult life is for a pro athlete who signed a three-year, $25 million contract back in 2013. So after Jennings sent out his tweet, people reacted accordingly on Twitter.

Scroll down to see what we mean. Jennings wasn't necessarily wrong about what he said—money doesn't solve everything, guys!—but he definitely could have gone about phrasing his tweet better.