So assuming you don't have a Google news alert for Joe Dirt 2, you probably aren't aware that former NBA All-Star (and current hair All-Star) Baron Davis is involved in the film. Shame on you.

Shame on you because Baron Davis is surprisingly funny in his role as Joe Dirt's "testicle doctor," and although we've seen BD flourish in front of cameras both on and off the court before, seeing him deliver solid comedic timing opposite David Spade is something new. Plus—it's testicle jokes. Jokes about a guy named Joe Dirt getting hit in the balls so hard that they left to go say, "Hey let's go see what his throat is talking about." 

It's the NBA offseason, people. Now that most of the trade and free agency dust as settled, Testicle Doctor Baron Davis is big news. Enjoy.


[via TMZ]

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